Friday, 19 July 2013

Super Cave Escape APK v2.7

Super Cave Escape APK v2.7 

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Thanks to all the gamers supporting this game, you've earned an impressive graphical update.

With more users and solid reviews this game will continue to be upgraded.

In Super Cave Escape, you play as Lacy, a wild and adventurous explorer who will scour the Ruins of any Temple, Pyramid or Cave in search of Gold, Jewels, Treasures and Fortunes. Alas she has found it, the mother lode of all riches and a lot more! But, now Lacy has awoken the perils in the far depths of the earth and is now on the run for her life.

Players of all ages can enjoy this wonderfully entertaining and addictive test of Concentration and Reflexes. Climb your way to freedom as you jump from Rope to Vine to Climbing ruined Temple Pillars while avoiding crushing Rocks and Boulders.

Toggle from Touch or Swipe controls to suit your game play needs and prepare for the time of your life playing Super Cave Escape.

This is an endless Blast! Ready to challenge yourself?

This is a Free Game, good luck and have Fun!

What's in this version:
This game is free to play for all. Support its development by playing games advertised within the app.
Some permissions are specified by the ad integration services and not by the game requirements.
Please report any game issues directly to us and include your device type, os version and details of the issue.
Enhanced Visuals: Completely 3D rendered backgrounds and animations.
Button Functionality Fixes

More Info:

Direct Download 
Click Link To Install 
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