Sunday, 14 July 2013

Earth Defense Force 2017 Mobile APK 1.0 ~ Full Cracked

Earth Defense Force 2017 Mobile APK 1.0

Android 2.1 
The Earth Defense Force is all that stands man between thousands of gigantic bugs, spaceships, and the end of the world in a realistic urban sprawl that is doomed for total destruction.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Mobile APK 1.0

This is a raw, unmodified apk I pulled from my Docomo Lynx 3D phone.

To my knowledge the game was never released for sale on the Google Play store and was only available pre-installed on this rare phone which was only released in Japan (about 3 years ago). 

It is an extremely rare game and it is near impossible to find any info about it. However it plays just like the Xbox 360 version only with more basic graphics.

Here is a video of someone playing it. It is in Japanese in the video but if you phone is set to English then you will see full English menus - 

I have tried installing it on my Galaxy Note 2 but it refused to install. It may need to be cracked but that is byond my capabilities.

If anyone can get it working, or crack it to work on all devices then let me know and I will update this post with new links/info.**
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More Info:

Download Here


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